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Ricky Russ Jr

Designer • Owner
(Company & Van)

A quick calculation of my creative hours:
5,475 days (43,800 hours).

I’ve spent the last 17 years in the creative world. My colorful journey began in the glorious guitar world of pre-web print and then rapidly progressed into the “web-wide world” of WordPress design and SEO.

Then, 2008 happened. Unlike the majority of people in 2008, my journey began to flourish. Since then, I’ve discovered a collection of treasures from combining analytics, design, and marketing.

In 2015, I began to write books. I’ve since written ten books, two journals, and one children’s book while helping other writers with their books.

Today, I’m driving down the road toward my next creation!

Why the van?

The Idea

For nearly ten years, I did my creative work on a laptop inside the walls of various coffee shops around SW Portland with the mindset of meeting new people and potential clients.

Then 2020 happened, and I could no longer work inside coffee shops. This dilemma/opportunity presented two options. One option was doing what every other person in my field would do, and the second option was coming up with a new way to meet people and land potential clients.

So, I asked myself, “If I can’t meet people indoors, how can I meet people outdoors? What can I do/create to get people’s attention that might start a conversation?” 

The answer was the van. The van grabs the eye. The eye opens the mouth. The mouth starts the conversation. The conversation presents the opportunity for the business card. The business card creates the connection!

Side note: More than anything else, the van creates the smiles 🙂

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